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Revd Nigel Cowgill

Saturday 14 August 2021

Cardinal Vincent Nichols.jpg

Nigel Cowgill is one of the District Chairs for London’s Methodists, but never in a million years would he have expected to be at that level of church leadership, and I think, even after a good many years in post, he’s still a bit surprised to find himself there!

His start in life was shaky, and traumatic….fostered at just 7 months into a Methodist family, bullied at school, dyslexic, and a bit of a tearaway, with the additional identity complexities of being British Asian, and gay, the young Nigel found life challenging, and really struggled with feeling ‘good enough’. The only thing he did seem to be good at was cooking, and through jobs as a chef and youth worker, he eventually ended up at Cliff College, getting the theological training that led him, after a few false starts, to ministry.

Like many of us, it was other people’s encouragement, and faith in him, which helped him find his way. Hear his story, on Travellers Tales.

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