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Paul Morrison

Saturday 12 June 2021

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Paul Morrison’s life plan was to be a scientist. Science and data were what excited him, leading him into an immunology degree, followed by a specialism in vaccine design, and starting a company to licence some of the tech he’d been working on.
But then a childhood growing up in Northern Ireland in the midst of the Troubles, experiencing things first hand that a child ideally shouldn’t, caught up with him, and, after a breakdown, Paul found himself working for the Methodist Church, on a ‘temporary’ basis.

12 years later, he’s still there….as policy advisor for the Joint Public Issues team, working in an ecumenical team, specialising in the areas of poverty and inequality. And, as a trustee of the Trussell Trust too, which runs many of the UK’s food banks, he’s ideally placed to reflect on the past year, in particular the way those living in poverty have suffered most in the pandemic

He’s passionate about the need for those in authority…and for all of us really…to think differently, see differently, and act differently…to enable all people to live differently, and in fullness of life.

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