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Chris and April Mabey (part two)

Saturday 19 February 2022

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Chris Mabey fell in love with April on the school bus, and through her family’s welcome and hospitality (and a good deal of very delicious food) also fell in love with Burma, from where her family self-exiled to come and live in the UK in 1964, when April was 13.

The beautiful country of Burma, or Myanmar as it’s now known, has had a chequered history, and tragically, after inching towards a more democratic regime in 2020, is now dominated again by the military junta and has been in a state of emergency for the past year.

Chris and April tell their story: the story of April’s family, and the story of her country of birth, powerfully expressing their love for the place, its people and traditions, their deep sadness at the current turmoil, but crucially, what gives them hope for Myanmar’s future.

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