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Summer is a-coming in

Such glorious weekend weather meant walks in the country with little mud. Garden family gatherings and the smell of bar-b-q’s. Music drifting over fences and the hubbub of increasingly shrill voices. What appeared to be a full scale family row just along the road, played out through an open front door. Summer is truly here again.

It’s the time, therefore, when some churches might be planning outdoor (or indoor – you can’t always rely on British summer weather) children and family events. So in addition to all the usual planning and preparation, risk assessment and assigning responsibility, Covid protection measures will need to be taken. This column does not aim to supply all the details of what’s OK and not OK, but this week is simply offering a reminder that all the best laid plans can be undone if insufficient attention is applied to delivery. In other words ensuring that all that is meant to happen, happens.

As ever its going to be about making sure that everyone charged with event organisation is on the same page, and that there is a shared understanding of what needs to be done and why. In particular knowing the risks and possible consequences of getting it wrong, and how the local church may held to account.

So although this may sound a bit like telling your granny how to suck eggs, this year it’s going to be so important to get it absolutely right. Colleagues who work in schools or early years settings can probably provide good advice and guidance, alongside what’s available on Government, local authority and the Methodist Church website. Although at the time of writing we don’t know what changes may or not be possible from June 21st, we can hope to be confident about some good weather over the next three months.

Let’s enjoy it safely.

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