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Sharing Zoom links online can be problematic. Here's why

We are delighted, that in what has been a trying year, the District has embraced the digital world to connect with our churches and members. Whilst the desire to grow our communities and the ability to do so through digital platforms provides a gateway to accomplish this, we must remind churches and circuits to not publicly advertise Zoom links and to be mindful of the confidential or personal data shared within our various media formats.

To publicly advertise Zoom links, leaves a church or circuit open to the risk of safeguarding incidents occurring, such as ‘Zoom-bombing’. 

You may wish to consider a form of registration for your events. Zoom for instance has it's own registration form which allows people to register to attend an event / training and provides the link details in their confirmation email. You can find out more about that option here

Please continue to embrace our digital and social media platforms, they have given us an insight into new ways of being church, but please also continue to safeguard against the risks this may bring. If there are any queries in relation to the safe use of platforms, please discuss with your church and circuit safeguarding officers, and if still in doubt, Becky is happy to advise.

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