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Keeping the Faith

Connecting with God and others during lockdown

On 23 March 2020, the UK government took the unprecedented step of imposing a lockdown on the country in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19). Life as it was previously known came to a grinding halt. Schools were closed, people directed to work from home where possible, and social distancing was enforced.


Part of the many measures taken included government direction that faith groups were to close their churches and places of worship in order to protect people, reduce the growing number of lives being lost to the disease and thereby saving the most vulnerable among us.


Fear was plentiful and yet our places of comfort and worship were no more. As a people of God, we had to think outside the box, being creative in ministry and acquiring new ways to connect - with each other and with God.

With this in mind, we invited you to share with us the many ways in which you have been keeping your faith during the period of lockdown. Stories were recorded and made available on the London District of the Methodist Church's YouTube channel. They were also shared via the Weekly Update.

The series is also available for you to watch below.

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