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Connexional Ordination Services

Diaconal and Presbyteral Ordination Services are set to take place in the month of June. It had been hoped that it owuld be possible for public tickets to be made available; however, due to the limited number of people permitted to attend, tickets have been reserved for the guests of the Ordinands. 

The event will now be live-streamed and the links to be able to watch the service will be made available on the Methodist Church website

Please see below for the dates and times of the ordination services for those from London.

Saturday 19 June | starting at 3pm

  • Deacon Katherine Johnson | Trinity Methodist Church, East Grinstead

  • Revd Esther Akam | Wesley Methodist Church, Reading

  • Revd Matt Lunn | Wesley Mehtodist Church, Reading

Sunday 27 June | starting at 4pm

  • Revd Ken Kingston | St Martin in the Bull Ring, Birmingham

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