A Prayer

Tuesday 23 June 2020

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Prayer of St. Anselm

Grant Lord God,

That we may cleave to you without parting,

worship you without wearying,

serve you without failing,

faithfully seek you,

happily find you,

for ever possess you,

the one only God,

blessed for all eternity. Amen

Heavenly Father,

Creator of all that is and who we are,

our days are truly challenging and interesting,

filled with joys, reconnections and celebrations

whilst also needing us to yield to You.

We hold in our thoughts this week

the happenings around our communities:

the terrorist attack in Reading,

the sad commemorations of Windrush arrivals;

the call to face-up to, & eradicate racism and,

the continuing ravages of the Covid-19 virus.


All these dear Lord, embody a sense of foreboding;

all they do is serve to keep humanity threatened,

all our days are met with questions, pain and concern

yet in you dear Lord:

“There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Romans8:1 (NRSV-A).


In you dear Lord,

we are found,



remade in your image.


We cling to You our God,

we offer you all that we are, warts and all

we commit in Jesus’ name, to be better;

to stand together

to serve all equally

to pray for the healing of all nations.

Lord, to remain your disciples no matter the cost.


Come dear God and empower us with your Holy Spirit

so that all may know your Name

may be enabled to feel they belong

may be encouraged to face up to adversity,

knowing that you are their strength,

their hope,

their restoration,

even as they face up to the deathly shadows;

We give you thanks, all honour and glory,   

for you’re our life, our hope

and our salvation;

May Your Name, dear God,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, be praised forever,        — Amen.          

- By Revd Jongi Zihle

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