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Eltham Park Methodist Church Prayer Event

Thy Kingdom Come 2019

Eltham Park Methodist Church joined Anglican and Baptist Colleagues in hosting prayer events as part of the ‘Thy Kingdom come’ initiative.  The Methodist event, on Monday June 3rd was a ‘Prayer Labyrinth’. 

Thy Kingdom come, Eltham Park Methodist

Labyrinths can be found in many historic churches all over the world. A labyrinth is simply a place to walk and pray.  It gives you the freedom to walk around while focusing on God – and not worry about getting lost!

The aim is to encourage people of faith to set aside a short period of time to go on a spiritual journey of prayer.  This is done on a physical labyrinth.

Our labyrinth, was made on the floor of our church vestibule.  It is a simple walking path to the centre and then back out again.  It has many turns, but unlike mazes, does not have dead ends.

On entering the labyrinth, the pilgrim comes to a series of numbers on the path.  These take them to prayer stations outside the labyrinth where different aspects of prayer life were explored.

There was a steady flow of people from a number of people throughout the day.  All who came said they found the prayerful atmosphere very helpful.  Our local volunteers enjoyed it so much that we are already planning to repeat the exercise next year!

- Revd Richard Grocott of the Blackheath and Crystal Palace.

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