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Youth Board

The Youth Board exists to hear the voice of young people in London. The terms of reference for the group state that the group is a joined- up discipleship movement shaped for mission where young people and children’s needs are met, their voices are heard; and opportunities are generated for them to grow in confidence as members and leaders of a world-wide Christian community.


With the objective of enabling young people and adults to work together to improve faithful and fruitful participation and communication in activities and issues through:


  1. Nurturing young people and their leaders as disciples of Jesus in activities and events which interest a range of people e.g. worship, music, arts; retreats and prayer; outreach; games; workshops; internet

  2. Raising and equipping young leaders

  3. Listening to views and creating awareness in global and national government, society and Methodism

  4. Networking between and amongst young people, youth workers, church leaders and decision makers to develop activities, events and good practice

  5. Utilising Resources e.g. District Advance Fund, Learning Network, Safeguarding Officer, Youth & Children’s Coordinator

  6. Developing Good Practice –Safe & legal requirements; Accountability & responsibility; Signposting activities & agencies; Training (minimum and advanced standard)

2016-17 Action Points:

  • Promote young people as leaders and offer training

  • Explore issues of peace and reconciliation, education and exam pressure, prayer and worship

  • Promote participation in events including 3Generate and the District 3Gen

  • Develop the Youth Board to encourage wider involvement.

  • Encourage communication about local youth activities and events


Change is coming for the Youth Board in 2018:

Currently we have one Youth Board that meets 4 times a year, with the new structure we will have Youth Forums and Shaper Groups, located in clusters of Circuits all over London. These groups will feed their voices on issues and topics facing young people in London today into the Youth Board, who will try and action them.

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