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Statement from the Chairs in regards to the violence in Zimbabwe

The violence in Zimbabwe in the aftermath of the general elections:

We note with concern the difficulties currently experienced by the people of Zimbabwe as a result of the violence that has erupted following the declaration of the parliamentary and presidential election results. We call for calm and restraint on behalf of both those protesting to the election results and the state police and military bodies who are seemingly responding with harsh violence and live ammunition.

As a people of faith, serving God’s people within the Methodist movement steeped in scriptural holiness; we believe there is always a possibility for a peaceful negotiated settlement in all matters of dispute. We appreciate the emotive nature elections in general evoke and we as a church always feel drawn to the course of the marginalised and the disenfranchised. We therefore appeal to all parties to desist immediately in engaging in violence. We call for a desire to preserve human life to take precedence over all other considerations and especially those of cheap political point scoring and posturing.

We assure all Zimbabweans of our support and prayers during these difficult times. May sanity, human decency, protection of the vulnerable be uppermost in all endeavours as we all strive for peaceful means to the problems afflicting Zimbabwe at this time.


We pray to:

Our God, Who is able to do immeasurable more than we can ask for or imagine; according to Your Power at work within all of creation, look kindly upon your suffering servants in Zimbabwe. Hear O God their cries as they seek Your face, forgive all our waywardness and political greed and come down O Lord to cleanse us from all unseemliness and heal the land of Zimbabwe. We pray this, for we are a people called by Your name, in humble and contrite hearts, through Jesus The Messiah Who saves us all in these troubled times, amen! (Prayer based on Ephesians 3:20 & II Chronicles 7:14)

London District Chairs;

Jongi, Nigel and Micky.

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