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Sharing Best Practice

The challenges presented to us by the coronavirus are new, and we need new ways to address them. Of particular concern to Ministers and Pastoral Leaders across the District is how to carry out pastoral work and practical commitments at a time when we are unable to physically interact with people. To address this, the District will be hosting a series of conversations via Zoom, where we hope that all those attending will share their experiences and discuss best practice during this period of lockdown, social distancing and beyond.

Each session will be facilitated by Michael Wakelin. Notes and resources gathered from the forums will be collated on this page for use beyond the initial conversation. You can download the notes for each session below. Notes are available in .pdf and .doc format. 

*Please note that as the Covid situation is constantly and rapidly evolving, the information and advice shared in these sessions may be out of date against current guidance. Please ensure that you always check current guidance for the most up to date information.*


The Sharing Best Practice Forum is every other Wednesday from 11am - 12pm. If you would like to attend please contact Michael Wakelin

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25 November 2020

Line management in the age of the coronavirus. 


03 June 2020

Safeguarding with Becky Skinner - District Safeguarding Officer. 

Online Course

06 May 2020

Worship in the lockdown


11 November 2020

Fundraising during lockdown and restricted community activity.

Father and Son Playing

27 May 2020

Keeping whole and holy


29 April 2020

Funerals - how to support the bereaved, conduct funerals and 'be there' for our members

Image by Marcel Strauß

28 October 2020

London’s new Tier 2 status and what this means for our churches. 

Sutton Building evening (1).JPG

20 May 2020

Property with Kathleen Henriques-Brown - District Property Development Officer

13. Harlesden Pic 2.jpeg

10 June 2020

What might ministry and mission look like in the community post-lockdown. 

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