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Hope through Darkness: A Lent Resource

Hope through Darkness is a Lent resource featuring a series of conversations from across the District, sharing reflections from life during the pandemic.


We are woven together in the hope and the darkness of this time.


Revd Dr Jonathan Hustler

Secretary of the Methodist Conference

Episode Three

Revd Rachel Bending

Superintendent, Ealing Trinity Circuit

Episode Six

Revd John Richey

Supernumerary Minister, New River Circuit

Episode One

Revd Nicola Morrison

Chaplain, Southlands College (Methodist Heritage) and Roehampton University

Episode Four

Anthony Boateng

Local Preacher, Westminster Circuit

Episode Two

Bala Gnanapragasam

Member, Peckham Methodist Church, Southwark and Deptford Circuit

Episode Five

Rebecca Juman

Member, Warlingham Methodist Church, Purley Circuit

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