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Leroy Logan

Saturday 03 July 2021

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Leroy Logan is only too aware that to be played by A-list actor John Boyega is pretty amazing!
His story, was told in ‘Red, White and Blue’ as part of film director Steve McQueen’s Small Axe drama series for the BBC last year….and it’s quite a story.
Of 30 years service in the Metropolitan police, entering the force when it was a significantly hostile work environment for a black officer, starting his training just after his father had been brutally assaulted by 2 police officers, and, very much as a result of an acute awareness from his own and other BAME officers experiences, becoming one of the founders of the Black Police Association.
Leroy absolutely recognised that charge of ‘institutional racism’ in the Met, declared by the Macpherson enquiry after the murder of Stephen Lawrence, but stuck with it through some very challenging times, rising to the rank of superintendent, with a strong belief in working to change the culture from within. He’s always had passion for ‘good policing’, and in mentoring and empowering marginalised young people to be a positive force in their communities.
For Leroy, policing has never been ‘just a job’ - his strong faith has helped him persevere, and be a real catalyst and driver for fundamental change in the Met, and he says, now he’s retired, that despite the massive toll his 30 year career took on him, he can look back and it all ‘makes sense’.

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