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Advanced Module Safeguarding Training (2019 Edition)

*Please be advised that due to Covid-19, the District does not envisage offering any face-to-face training sessions until 2022. Those in need of training are urged to register for the Online version of this module. More information can be found here.*


The Creating Safer Space (CSS) Advanced Module is comprised of three elements:

  • Essential Preparation (pre-reading for attendees)

  • Core learning session (face to face training)

  • Handbook (resource for further study)

​The Creating Safer Space Advanced Module is designed to consolidate and develop the learning gained from the Foundation Module. Whilst everyone is welcome to undertake the Advanced Module, it is a mandatory requirement for certain positions and roles within the church. For a detailed list of these roles, please view the Required Attendance List.

Training materials for attendees can be accessed via the links below:

Advanced Module (2019 Edition) Essential Preparation (.pdf)

Advanced Module (2019 Edition) Participant Handbook (.pdf)

Advanced Module training sessions are facilitated by the District and organised on a circuit by circuit basis. Registration priority is given to attendees from the host circuit, but we also encourage those in need of training to apply for sessions outside of their own circuits (spaces permitting).


The District also runs a number of training dates which are open to all.


Available training dates will be listed below.