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Purley Circuit - Prayers from the District

Sunday 28 February 2021

God, we give thanks for all the lay people, who work tirelessly throughout the Circuit, and for the deep commitment of the stewards in our Circuit Churches who care for their places of worship in practical and prayerful ways. We pray for the Circuit Leadership Team and for our Local Preachers. We pray for God’s guidance in the talks to work collaboratively, creatively and strategically with our neighbouring Circuit, that these will help us to talk about our vision of a church that we want to be part of.

We pray for further development of the creative use of local people in owning their worship – either through worship leaders or the creation of groups willing to undertake locally arranged services.

God of our past, present and future, fill us with your grace, guide us with your truth and send us by your spirit, with new courage and vision, that we may gladly respond. Amen.

The Purley Circuit ask you to please pray for:

  • Pray that we continue to develop work on our identified priorities - for God to guide the various mission initiatives in our Circuit as we strive to make disciples and show the love of Christ in practical ways, as well as the growth of the youth and children’s ministry in the Circuit.

  • Pray for God’s guidance as we continue to reflect on how our churches have been affected by COVID-19, in terms of outreach, worship, fellowship and finances and for the continuous offering of online worship which started during the COVID-19 pandemic and strengthened the Circuit’s identify.

  • For God’s guidance towork collaboratively, creatively and strategically with our neighbouring Circuit.

- By Revd Faith Nyota

Purley Circuit - 28 February 2021
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