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Kingston Upon Thames Circuit - Prayers from the District

Sunday 18 October 2020

Let us offer ourselves to God:
turning, opening, blossoming,
like a flower towards the sun
All that I am I bring to you


All that is broken, confused, incomplete,
all that longs to cry but has no safe place
to shed unseen tears
All that I am I bring to you


All that says:
"Who am I?"
"Where am I?"
"What am I doing here?"
All that I am I bring to you


All that seethes with anger at injustice
all that rages and screams
at the horror of poverty, fear and pain
and the impotence to heal them
All that I am I bring to you


All that cries with joy,
all that soars, all that sings,
all that flies on the wings of ecstasy
All that I am I bring to you

This is who we are
not the masks we wear each day,
not the roles we play,
but people
needing, asking, raging, soaring.
In your love bind us together
the broken and the whole in one bundle.

O God
our desire and our destiny,
accept us as we are today,
but renew and change us
to become the people we can be tomorrow
and in your eternity.   Amen

Prayer Requests:

The people of the Kingston Upon Thames Circuit ask your prayers for:

  • For churches learning new ways of doing and being in response to the changing situation

  • For areas of deprivation and poverty within the borough – made worse for many by the COVID crisis

  • For those being reached by the new online services

Revd Dr Stan Brown - Superintendent Minister of Kingston Upon Thames Circuit

Kingston Upon Thames Circuit - 18 Oct 2020
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