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A Prayer from the Notting Hill Circuit

Sunday 26 September 2021

Creator God, 

You are the source of all life: you are behind every breath that is taken by your creatures, every act of photosynthesis in plants, every chemical reaction in each cell of insect, fish or bacteria. We marvel at the intricacy and connectedness of living things in our world, and between human beings.

You are the source of all life, but you are also its fuel: you are behind every cosmic ray, every particle of sunshine, every metabolism of food in our bodies. You are the fuel for our bodies, minds and souls, and in Jesus Christ you have given us the bread of life.

As we wrestle with the implications of climate change, and our use of the world’s natural resources,  grant us wisdom, understanding and courage.

Creator God, source and fuel of our lives, provider of energy and who is energy: guide our use of your creation; help us share our resources that all may share in your generous bounty; guide those who administer our energy policies and its delivery; sustain those in fuel poverty.

In the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen.


Please pray for:

For those who continue to be affected by the Grenfell Tower fire over 4 years ago, and experience depression and anxiety.

For those still affected by the flash floods that affected our area in July – including our church – and are still not back in their homes, or whose possessions or businesses were ruined.

For the tens or thousands of people who are afraid, or feel their lives are on hold because they live in tower blocks with flammable cladding and see no hope of resolution.

By Revd Dr Mike Long

Superintendent, Notting Hill Circuit

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