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A Prayer for Maundy Thursday

Thursday 14 April 2022

Let us pray.

Lord Jesus,

This night brings to our minds, the abandonment felt by so many in our world today.

As you faced your own temptation in the Garden of Gethsemane, your friends betrayed, denied, and abandoned you. 

We pray that you forgive as when we constantly fail you. Remind us, when we face our own abandonment, that we do not walk or cry alone, you are with us always!

Lord Jesus,

This night, brings to our minds, the ongoing suffering in our world today,

As agony and dismay came over you, you prayed: “my heart is overcome with grief, stay with me, watch with me”. We pledge Lord to stay with you, we will watch with you, we will pray with you.

Please, reach out to all who are suffering, and whose hearts are troubled in our broken world today. Reach out into their pain and give them the knowledge that you understand their pain and share their sorrow.

Lord Jesus,

This night, brings your deep connection with your friends,

And as we wash each other’s feet, and as we share the gift of the meal, of bread broken and wine outpoured, make our hearts thankful, as we meet God in this meal who calls us friends. Help us to know that we are served, we are fed, and we are made whole and set forth to heal our broken world.


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