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Sheridan Voysey

Saturday 07 August 2021

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You probably know Sheridan Voysey as a writer, speaker and broadcaster….but you might not think of him as a pilgrim, a label that sounds archaic, but which increasing numbers of people are identifying with, as they head off on journeys with a, usually spiritual, focus.

Sheridan and his wife moved to the UK for a fresh start, after 10 years of unsuccessful fertility treatment. It was a dream job for Merryn that facilitated the big move, but it did mean Sheridan leaving a job he loved - since then, he’s been on something of an emotional and spiritual journey, to rediscover his own identity and purpose, and in sharing the experience, through his books and speaking, helping others find theirs.

Going on pilgrimage helped him, and he reflects on why he did it, and what he learnt, as he tells his story on Travellers Tales.

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