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Seki Obakin

Saturday 18 December 2021

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With at least 120,000 young people known to be currently homeless in the UK (and there may be tens of thousands more that slip under the radar), the work of Centrepoint is more important than ever. CEO Seyi Obakin has been at the charity since 2003 and is utterly passionate about his work. For him, it has never been ‘just a job’; and he absolutely sees the hand of God in it all, from the unlikely way he was appointed in the first place, to the organisation’s day to day work alongside young people who find themselves, for all kinds of reasons, without a place to call home.

Each is absolutely seen as an individual, with their own story, and their own needs and aspirations.
And Centrepoint is committed to helping each one reach their potential, to be able to live life in all its fullness.

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