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Pam Rhodes

Saturday 30 October 2021

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Pam Rhodes has been presenting Songs of Praise for 34 years, more than half the show’s 60 year history, interviewing everyone from the Pope to Dolly Parton. And for over 20 years she’s shared Premier Radio listeners’ favourite hymns, modern and traditional, and the stories behind them, in Hearts and Hymns.

She says she was ‘a presenter by accident’ - thought she’d do it for a year or so then go back to her ‘proper job’ as a dance and drama teacher - but it turns out to have been a rather happy accident, with a hugely wide range of TV, radio and other presenting work to inspire her and keep her busy; as well as finding time to write 27 books, fiction and non-fiction, and, with her husband at home in Bedfordshire, running a large cattery.

As I do, she loves to hear people’s stories of faith, and now it’s time for us to hear hers

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