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Mary Colwell

Saturday 05 June 2021

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Mary Colwell is a woman obsessed…. about one particular bird. The focus of her obsession is the curlew, and it is this bird, with its long curved beak and haunting cry - its survival, and ability to thrive - that has shaped her work as a naturalist, writer, conservationist and broadcaster over many years, and which led her, in 2016, to walk 500 miles across the UK and Ireland to raise awareness of its rapid decline.

When I asked her what Christians should do in response to the climate emergency, she said something that has stayed with me: ‘Choose something to love, and get on and love it’.

An animal, plant, place….or, as in Mary’s case, a particular bird. Whatever we choose, it’s about taking a particular interest in, and responsibility for, something that needs our love and advocacy in this ever more precarious natural world.

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