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Orpington and Chislehurst Circuit - Prayers from the District

Sunday 21 February 2021

Redeeming God, we pray for all our churches as we approach the end of another national lockdown. Where so many of our churches have had finances decimated through lack of physical attendance, we pray that you would bring new life to our communities through new people in our churches. Help us, we pray, to allow these new people to bring about changes that will make us more open, more receptive and holier in our relationships, both with them and with you.

We pray for all those who have lost their much-valued source of fellowship due to the closure of church premises. As we look ahead to meeting again, help us to be welcoming in our approach and careful not just to fall into old habits of meeting and old cliques of fellowship.

We thank you, Lord, for all the work that has continued in our buildings, despite them not being used for worship. We thank you for the refurbishment and building projects that have been completed, or are nearing completion. We thank you for the faithful people who have continued to check on premises during lockdown, and continued to clean and repair premises. We thank you for the administrators in our churches who have done so much to keep our sense of fellowship alive, and for the pastoral carers who have gone above and beyond their call in seeking out and caring for those in need.

We thank you for the opportunities offered by the internet, and the ways in which we can offer and share in worship using Zoom and video services. We also thank you for the workers of the Royal Mail, who have enabled us to reach those without internet with weekly printed services.

For all those who have not stopped working; for those for whom working from home is difficult and for those who continue to offer their time and care in your service to the life of the church, we give you thanks.

We remember those who grieve during this difficult time; those for whom grief is not fully expressed due to the lack of community worship and recognition of their departed loved one. Be present with them in their grief, and help us, we pray, to find appropriate ways of expressing this grief when we are able to do so.

Bless us, we pray, that we might find more than just physical healing at this time. Loving God, please bless us with a new sense of life and community.

In Jesus' name we pray. Amen

The Orpington and Chislehurst Circuit ask you to please pray for:

  • For our re-invitation process as we look ahead at a significant change in staff

  • For all our churches as they prepare to re-open, pending governement permission

Orpington and Chislehurst Circuit - 21 February 2021
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