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District Chaplaincy Coordinator - Prayers from the District

Sunday 11 October 2020

A Prayer for Chaplains and Chaplaincy

Compassionate God, in Jesus you walked among us

Reaching out and meeting people where they were

We thank you for all those who are among people as chaplains

In education, healthcare, retail, airports and especially in Prisons Week, we think about prison chaplains

We pray for your Spirit’s guidance and comfort as we support people in making sense of an ever-changing landscape

We pray that you will bless chaplains with creativity, to make meaningful connections and to build community, even when this can’t be physical

We pray too that chaplains will afford themselves the space and care that they need to ensure their own wellbeing as they support others.

We offer our prayer in Jesus’ name.


Revd Ian Worsfold - District Chaplaincy Coordinator

District Chaplaincy Coordinator - 11 Oct 2020
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