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A Prayer from the Westminster Circuit

Tuesday 11 June 2024

We invite you to join us in a prayer. 

Let us pray: 

Lord God, we pray for all our Churches in the London Methodist District that they will be relevant and attractive for our generation. 

We pray for Methodist Central Hall Westminster, where we are focussing on how we nurture our church community, and how we engage in outreach. 

Lord God, help us to be a welcoming church for all ages and all backgrounds. Just as influencers are impacting our world, we pray that Christians may be influencers in our society today. 

We pray that you will encourage and raise up leaders that are relatable, caring, imaginative, and who we can depend on. In a world where many think the church is irrelevant and boring, we pray our community may be engaging, exciting, hopeful and will make a difference in our world and community. 

In Westminster, we are concerned about those who are homeless, the cost-of-living crisis, our engagement with parliament as we approach an election, justice for all, and our care for the environment. Help your church to be good news as we love our neighbours as we love ourselves! 

As we pray, we hope we will all take something away that we can do to further the kingdom of God. 


A Prayer from the Westminster Circuit
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