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A Prayer for Holy Week

Monday 03 April

Maundy Thursday

Loving God, we hear your command that we must love one another, but Lord, surely you cannot mean everyone?

We confess that it is too difficult for us without your help, so we pray that you will come to us, in the power of your Spirit, so that we might wash the feet of your people without discrimination.

May we not be barriers to your invitation to feast in your Kingdom and to drink the wine of deliverance and eat the bread of freedom. Amen.


Good Friday

Today we remember the path you took to the cross, Lord, surrendering everything for our salvation.

Hope enduring the pain of the journey.

We pray for our world, shedding tears as humanity continues to crucify you through their cruelty and injustice.

God of Grace, may we never take for granted the gift of love and life you offer to us through the death of Jesus on the cross – for his journey of darkness revealed the light to come. Amen.


Easter Day

Alleluia, Christ is risen!

He is risen indeed, Alleluia!

Thank you, O God, that in your almighty power your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ, rose from the grave and opened the way for us into your Kingdom.

We thank you that death has lost its sting and that your love for us is beyond our understanding.

It is a love beyond measure reaching out to lift us, rolling away the stone of our selfishness and greed, enabling us to live our lives in the realms of joy, justice, love and praise.

God of the Resurrection, transform us and refine us to live as Easter people sharing the Good News of your promised Kingdom. Amen.

Holy Week 2023
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