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Emergency Coronavirus Appeal

All We Can, the Methodist Church in Britain and World Development & Relief have launched an Emergency Coronavirus Appeal, to help equip vulnerable communities across the globe to combat Coronavirus (COVID-19). All We Can, the Methodist Church in Britain and World Development & Relief have already begun responding by providing essential grants to help churches overseas meet the challenges posed by Coronavirus, as well as providing staff on the frontline of Maua Methodist Hospital in Kenya with essential personal protective equipment. Anything that you give today with help us do more of this vital work. To find out more and donate to the appeal, please click here.

A message from All We Can

Methodist Church House is now closed and as this building is where our offices are located, we are now not able to access post addressed to 25 Marylebone Road, and it is not yet clear when we will be able to access the building. It is therefore, really important for our work to ensure lots of post doesn’t go missing or get returned, especially if it may contain money.


If you do have post for All We Can, please contact the Supporter Care Team on 020 7467 5132 (the office phone will redirect to the relevant person) or email us to make alternative arrangements. Or, if you have a donation to submit on behalf of a church, group or individual, can we encourage you to do that via the website.

If you would like to request our Bank Details in order to make a bank transfer, please contact the Supporter Care Team (contact details as above).


Please note – this does not mean that All We Can has ceased it’s work – poverty and injustice continue in our world and as the virus spreads to parts of the developing world, our commitment to working alongside local communities to help them fulfil their potential is more important than ever. The work continues.


You may also find our devotional materials designed for ‘worship at home’ helpful to people in your congregations and those who might be self-isolating.

Thank you for your patience with us in these strange times. 

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