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Young people and mental health

Its okay, not to feel okay…

A day looking at how we can support those young people in our care who may experience mental health issues. Particularly in Exam seasons. Exploring the issue of mental health and young people, exploring the prevalence of mental health, how the teenage brain develops, the risk and protective factors present in the lives of young people and how to build resilience in children and young people.


  • Mental Health: A Definition

  • The Prevalence of Mental Health in Young People today

  • What makes you, YOU?

  • The Bio-Psycho-Social Model

  • What are the developmental tasks that young people have to negotiate to successfully make that transition into adulthood?

  • What is ‘Normal’ Adolescence?

  • A Good Mental Health Checklist

  • Ways of Coping with Adolescence

  • How the Teenage Brain Developments?

  • What are the Risk Factors present in the lives of young people?

  • What are the Protective Factors present in the lives of young people?

  • How can we and the church be a Protective Factor?

  • Vygotsky: Zone of Proximal Development Model - Theory

  • Resilience is...

  • The Resilience framework - providing a framework which we can use to guide the ways in which we can help the children and young people we work with to build resilience.