Working with children and young people with additional needs

This module will give participants a basic knowledge of the differing types of additional needs and the tools and techniques to help those children and young people with additional needs. Exploring ways of making activities accessible, inclusive and welcoming.

Gaining an overview of the most common ‘additional needs’ people may have, developing an awareness of the frustrations faced by those with additional needs, learning strategies to help those children or young people with additional needs engage more fully and to reflect on current practice, set up and environment.


  • An overview of common Additional Needs with Inclusion Strategies:

  • Down Syndrome

  • Dyslexia

  • ADHD / ADD

  • Dyspraxia

  • Autistic Spectrum disorders

  • In their Shoes – experiencing what it is like to have a Language & Communication, Visual, auditory and physical additional need.

  • Top Tips for working with those children and young people that may have an additional need.

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