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Working Multi-culturally

London is a melting pot of different cultures, languages and religions. This equipping day will explore how we can work in a more multi-cultural way and help our children and young people to engage with and build relationships with people from different cultures.


  • Defining ‘Culture’

  • What affects a person’s culture?

  • Why work multi-culturally?

  • Underpinning Theology

  • The Jews and the Law

  • The Good Samaritan

  • How to Work Multi-Culturally

  • Exploring Culturally Intelligence and the CQ Wheel

  • CQ Drive – how much we want to engage?

  • CQ Knowledge – how much do we know about the culture we wish to engage with and how much do we know about our own culture and its impact on engagement

  • CQ Strategy – how are we going to engage?

  • CQ Action – which is your ability to adapt to different cultures

  • Exploring ways in which we can we help young people engage with people of other cultures or faiths?