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Understanding the teenage brain

The teenage brain is an amazing thing, no honestly it is. It may not look like it from the outside but trust me it is. Hopefully by the end of this training you will agree with me on that.

Teenagers go through massive change in adolescence, not all of those changes can be seen on the surface, regarding the brain of a teenager think iceberg, there’s a lot more happening beneath the surface.

The changes that happen in the teenage brain is, I believe, the biggest change that teenagers go through, it’s the linchpin for all the other changes that shape the teenage experience, including emotional and relational change, independence and faith development.

For those caring for teenagers, including parents, you will have no doubt have experienced ‘challenges’ with your teenagers over conflicting expectations, rules and responsibilities, emotional outbursts, media choices as well as clothing and style choices, friends they choose, boundaries they push, the priorities they have, along with a host of other things that are directly linked to the changes happening in the teenage brain.

During this training I will take you on a trip inside the brain of a teenager, which won’t be as scary as it sounds. We will be exploring how the parts of the brain all fit together, what they are called and what they do. Then we’ll delve deeper into what actually happens in the head of your average teenager as they go through (and even before it starts) adolescence. All while simultaneously pointing out how all these theories and new discoveries impact on youth ministry. Finishing with a chapter on the implications that all this has on youth ministry.


  • Introduction: The Teenage Brain is amazing, Honestly!

  • How the Human Brain Works

  • New Discoveries about the Teenage Brain

  • The Implications these New Discoveries about the Teenage Brain

  • Conclusion

  • Devotional: A work in progress – Spoken Word Poem by Jon Jorgenson

This course is also available as a two-hour webinar.