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Train the Trainers

This practical and interactive workshop is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge and some hints and tips required to help you to design your own ‘creative’ workshops and training courses as well the ability to deliver them well.


  • Are you?

  • Unconsciously incompetent?

  • Consciously incompetent?

  • Consciously competent?

  • Unconsciously competent?

  • Discovering what your delivery style is?

  • Exploring how the Brain learns

  • Speed of learning

  • How to help with recall

  • Stimulating the Brain

  • VHF Theory – Visual, Hearing and Feeling

  • Learning Styles and Preferences – The Theories:

  • Kolb’s Experimental Learning Cycle

  • Honey and Mumford

  • Bernice McCarthy’s 4MAT

  • VAK/RW

  • Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence

  • How to create the best Learning Environment

  • The Psychology of Seating

  • How to Prepare to Train

  • Why? What? Who? Why? Where?

  • Structure: How to design a learning experience/workshop:

  • How to use Mind maps

  • NAOMIE: An aid to preparation

  • How to Prepare yourself

  • Practical Tips to Delivering a Great Workshop:

  • Intro

  • Ice breakers

  • Timing Tips

  • The Facilitraining Rainbow – Theory

  • How to do Evaluations

  • Outro

  • Ending Well

  • Activity - Plan a Workshop