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The environment and young people

We live in a Greta Thunberg Generation with more and more children and young people, getting more and more passionate about the effects we are having on the environment.

Protests like the Extinction Rebellion in the Oct of 2019 are testament to the fact that people care passionately about our planet, and young people are at the forefront of these movements.

This interactive equipping day will explore the issues surrounding the environment and children/young people and how we as the church can equip. inspire and encourage young people to take action, but also give practical ideas for action that the church can take.


  • Quiz – What Shade of Green are You?

  • The Top Environmental Issues facing our planet

  • The Greta Thunberg Generation/Meet Generation Greta

  • Case Studies about 7 young activists

  • Big Activity - What is…A Very Brief Guide to Environmental Concerns – exploring some of the main environmental concerns this planet is facing in more depth

  • The Bible and the Environment

  • Ideas for Action

  • Useful Resources and Websites

  • Closing Devotional

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