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Talking about relationships and sex with children and young people

So many children and young people are crying out for the church to talk about relationships and sex. This day will encourage leaders to think about the why and how of putting this into practice. We’ll consider healthy relationships, self-esteem, and media influences such as sexting and porn. This Session will be run by a member of Acet UK’s Esteem Network.


  • What is Acet UK?

  • Changes to Statutory Relationships and Sex Education in Schools

  • What is the Big Deal?

  • Why is Relationship and Sex Education so important?

  • The Statistics

  • Self Esteem and Emotional Wellbeing

  • Resilience and Coping Strategies

  • Body Image and Media Pressure

  • Relationships and Sex: Healthy Relationships

  • Intimacy Pyramid - Activity

  • Consequences - Activity

  • Do I Really have a choice? – Scenarios

  • Sex and the Law - Quiz

  • Relationships, Sex and Technology

  • Sexting (Sending Nudes)

  • Definition, stats, the law and consequences

  • Pornography

  • Definition, accessibility, impact, it’s distortion of sex, ways of tackling it

  • Consent and Coercion

  • Having Conversations about Sex with young people

  • Contraception

  • Methods/Types

  • Access and the Law

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s):

  • Classifications - Activity

  • STI Jigsaw - Activity