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Social media: the positives and pitfalls

This training day will equip attendees with resources to better engage with young people on the issues surrounding social media, using CEOP’s online resources. As well as exploring ways in which we can use social media to positively engage with young people.

We cannot halt the use of social media in this generation but we can arm ourselves and therefore the young people and children with the knowledge to help us and them navigate the world of social media. This equipping day will not only look at the pitfalls prevalent in using social media but also how we can use social media for good. Providing you with the keys to exploring the world of social media.


  • Name the ‘App’ game

  • What are your children and young people using?

  • What New opportunities, role models and careers does social media present?

  • Have Young People changed that much from when you were young?

  • The Social Web – The emergence of new apps and games every day can make the internet feel overwhelming, but there are actually only a limited number of functions apps can have. These are Viewing, Sharing, Chatting, Friending

  • Youth Ministry in a Digital Age: Understanding and Reaching a Generation of Digital Natives

  • Growth of the Internet and Why it Matters?

  • Digital Native Vs Digital Immigrant

  • Impact of Digitalisation upon Young People

  • Selfie Culture

  • Communicating the Gospel in a Digital Age

  • Christian Youth Ministry in a Digital Age

  • Digital Intelligence Wheel