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Running effective small groups

“Imagine being part of a small group that people can’t wait to gather for; it’s fun, it’s adventurous, it’s energizing” – Small Groups Big Mission by Fusion

This is what we want for our small groups, isn’t it? This equipping day will explore how you can make your small groups into ones where the young people are loved, affirmed and get to participate, ones that invite the Holy Spirit to move and reveal the heart of God, ones that see young people encounter Jesus and grow as Christians.

This training will equip attendees to lead small groups confidently and effectively, leading to growth and even multiplication.

This is less about what you deliver or talk about within small groups, but more about how they live and breathe.

This training in based on and used with permission from the book Small Group Big Mission by Fusion. I highly recommend you get yourself a copy of the book, which you will find on Fusions website. 


Section #1 Build Real Communities

  • Vision and Values

  • Contagious Community

  • Six Essentials for Building a Contagious Community

  • The Six Core Commitments Your Church Needs to Grow Young

  • Navigating the Small Group Cycle

Section #2 Prepare Unmissable Meetings

  • How I can ensure young people prioritize the small groups

  • How to help young people to grow in faith

  • Structuring Meetings

  • The 4W’s – Welcome, Worship, Word and Witness

  • The Human Brain, Learning Styles and Interactive Learning

Section #3 How to Help the Young People Develop their Faith

  • Everyday Evangelism

  • Mission Styles

  • How to Create a Discipleship Culture

  • Discipling New Christians

  • Developing New Leaders

  • Multiplication/Growth

This course is also available as a