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Responding to and dealing with challenging behaviour

This practical and interactive one day course will equip youth and children’s workers with the tools needed to respond and deal with challenging behaviour. Aiming to clarify what is meant by challenging behaviour, to know how to look for the cause(s) behind the behaviour, to become more aware of the attitudes and behaviours of adults, to explore different strategies for dealing with behavioural issues.


  • What do we mean by ‘Challenging Behaviour’?

  • The Theory:

  • Why do children and young people display Challenging Behaviour?

  • How our Brains work

  • How do ‘WE’ respond to challenging behaviour? / What situations trigger ‘YOUR’ own ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ responses?

  • What human beings need? – Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

  • What if these needs aren’t met? – Scenario Activity

  • How can meet the needs of the group?

  • Children who are hurting – what issues are children and young people facing today?

  • Statistics

  • How can we help those children and young people who are hurting?

  • Dealing with Conflict – Strategies

  • Anger Management / Cooling Down Techniques – Strategies

  • Behaviour plans

  • How to work as a team to deal with challenging behaviour

  • How to write ‘group agreements’ regarding behaviour with your leaders and children and young people