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Resources, Resources, Resources

This practical and interactive equipping day will explore how Blobs, LEGO and the Understanding Christianity Frieze can be used in our ministries.

There are so many different resources for youth and children’s ministry out there, it can be hard separate the wheat from the chaff. During this equipping day we will explore, try out, play with and view a variety of resources. In the hope that at the end of the day, you’ll go away with loads of ideas that you can use in youth and children’s ministry.

There are 7 areas that we’ll be exploring today:

• Games – to help children and young people connect with the bible, their faith and aids to help in discussing issues + Video Games you can use

• LEGO – Serious Play – using LEGO in ministry

• Understanding Christianity The Big Frieze – using this fantastic piece of art to explore the bible timeline.

• Blobs – These ‘Blobs’ can be used to help children and young people (and adults) discuss important issues, identify with these characters and their emotions.

• Youtube You Can Use – this section explores a variety of YouTube videos and DVD resources that can be used in ministry with children and young people.

• Sessional Resources – this part of the day will explore the wide variety of online and session planning resources available to buy

• Bibles and Devotionals – here we’ll have a look at some wonderful versions of the bible and some devotionals that can be used with children and young people.

All of which you’ll get a chance to play, use, discuss and view them, in order to see which ones you’d like to use with your children and young people.