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Reaching out into the community

This module explores ways of developing fresh expressions or new ways of working with children and young people in your communities. Researching the needs of your community and therefore discovering new ways of reaching out to the children and young people in your local communities.


  • Aims for Outreach to Children and Young people

  • What is a Fresh Expression of church?

  • New expressions of church are ones that are:

  • Missional - in the sense that through the Spirit they are birthed by Christians mainly among people who do not normally attend church

  • Contextual - they seek to fit the culture of the people they serve

  • Formational - they aim to form disciples

  • Ecclesial - they intend to become church for the people they reach in their contexts.

  • Exploring some Models of Church

• Exploring the Journey of Forming a Fresh Expression

o The Timeline of Fresh Expressions of church

• A strategy for Outreach work

o Step 1: identify the needs of the area

o Step 2: Acknowledge the skills and talents of the church community

o Step 3: Identify strengths and weaknesses of the church community

o Step 4: Plans, Aims and Strategy

o Step 5: Achieve the goal

• Biblical Thought?