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Reaching and Keeping Volunteers

This practical and interactive equipping day will explore how we can better recruit new volunteers as well as keeping the ones we have. To help build a sustainable youth and children’s ministry. The day will be split in half in the morning we will look at Reaching volunteers and in the afternoon focus on Keeping them.



  • The Process of Recruitment (Top Tips)

  • Pray

  • Identifying need

  • Make a list of the people that you want to volunteer

  • Don’t say No for people

  • Exploring the Barriers to volunteering

  • Grade your list, prioritising who to ask to volunteer first

  • Write job role descriptions for volunteers

  • Recruit only for a specific period of time

  • Meet face to face with perspective volunteers

  • 2 out of 3 will say No – be okay with that

  • Offer a trial period


  • What things will help people stay with a ministry

  • Good Induction

  • Have Clear Expectations

  • Tasks and Roles

  • Ensure Training and Development is provided

  • Remind them that Real commitment can be costly

  • Let them know they matter – value them

  • How to ensure Ownership by the volunteers

  • Provide Support, Supervision and Mentoring

  • Have Meaningful Meetings

  • Have Fun

This course is available as a two-hour webinar.