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Pornography and young people

90% of children aged 8-16 have viewed porn online. 

- Naked Truth Project 2016

Because finding pornography online is so easy these days, just googling the word ‘sex’ will find you hundreds if not thousands of hits. Young people are growing up surrounded by internet-enabled technology that both connects them to the world like never before, but also opens them up to a whole range of opportunities and threats. We need to wake up to the fact that a generation of children and young people are engaging in digital sexual behaviours that, like all sexual activity, carry real consequences.

This webinar is intended to address the impact of online pornography is having on young people and equip you in talking with your children and young people about it in ways that are factual, sensitive and appropriate for them. It will also offer some practical guidance about what you can do to support the healthy sexual development of the children and young people in your care, and where you could go for further support and information.

This webinar draws from resources from ACET UK and from the book A Parent’s Guide to: Young people & Porn by Rachel Gardner from Youthscape. 


  • Why This Matters

  • Why are Young People viewing Pornography?

  • Access to Pornography

  • There is nothing new about depicting sexual activity through images and technology

  • Porn: A Definition

  • What’s the Problem with Porn?

  • Activity: How has Porn Distorted people’s view of Sex?

  • What Effect is porn having on young people?

  • What Can We Do About It?

  • Who Else Can Help?

  • Further Resources

Available as a two-hour webinar