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Gun and knife crime

Within the first six hours of 2019, two lives were claimed in separate knife attacks, setting a bleak precedent. 

- Huffpost UK Edition (May 2019)

LONDON'S knife epidemic is out of control with more than 27 deaths in the capital since the start of 2019 

- The Sun (May 2019)

London knife crime: MP Stella Creasy lists victims stabbed to death in 2019 in powerful Commons speech 

– The Standard (May 2019)

London knife crime: Six stabbings in less than six hours including 'targeted attack' in capital 

– The Telegraph (March 2019)

These are some of the headlines dominating the press lately with Gun and Knife related attacks and deaths sweeping London and inner cities, questions are being asked and fingers are being pointed.

This equipping day aims to raise awareness on gun and knife crime, looking at the issue, risk and protective factors, interventions, including how to empower young people to stay safe and make better choices. Winning the fight against gun and knife crime in the UK is something that involves us all.


  • Statistics of the scale of knife and gun crime

  • The evolving laws which have been passed to reduce the risk of gun and knife crime

  • The reasons why young people carry knifes

  • Gang Membership

  • Risk and Protective Factors that put young people at risk of carrying a knife

  • Knife and Gun Crime Interventions and Initiatives:

  • Through Case Studies, providing a closer look at previous and ongoing programmes examining each approach under the following headings:

  • The Individual

  • Family and School

  • Societal and Geographical

  • How can churches and community groups get involved

  • Staying Safe: Advice for Young People

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