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Getting into the minds of youth workers

This equipping day will take you inside the mind of Youth Workers, to help churches and circuits get the best out of their worker, and to ensure that they are appropriately supported and managed.

Youth Workers can be difficult to lead; for a variety of reasons: the fluidity of their schedules (it’s never been a 9-5 role), their strong desire for change, informed by their need to connect the gospel to children and young people, communication difficulties. Add to this the anxious congregation or parental climate and you have a tricky managerial situation.

I have had countless conversations with youth workers over the years complaining about their management structure, or lack thereof, feeling misunderstand, and under-supported. I have also had numerous conversations with church leaders struggling with their youth worker.


  • Assumptions, Misconceptions and Expectations

  • Expectations for the Youth Ministry

  • Fix My Kids

  • Measuring Success

  • Expectations for the Youth Worker

  • All Things to All people

  • Unreasonable expectations

  • The Art of Unearthing Assumptions

  • the ladder of inference

  • Lessons from the Ladder of Inference

  • The Consequences of Faulty Assumptions

  • Escaping the Emotional Burn – Supporting the worker

  • What time off is… and isn’t

  • Office Hours

  • The Emotionally Healthy Youth Worker

  • Living with that constant emotional burn can be managed by

  • How to value your Youth Worker

  • Taking the Pledge – 7 Promises for churches and circuits to sign up too, in regard to the practices and principles they will use in employing a youth worker, lay worker, children’s worker and to use with volunteers.