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Encouraging Holy Habits in Children and Young People

This practical and interactive workshop explores ways of encouraging children and young people to explore Holy Habits and Beautiful Disciplines, discovering creative and practical ways of helping young people and children ‘rediscover’ these ancient ways of discipleship. To engage with the bible and prayer, including through the use of multi-sensory worship, prayer rooms. Based on the books Holy Habits by Andrew Roberts and The Beautiful Disciplines by Martin Saunders.


  • Introducing the Holy Habits and Beautiful Disciplines

  • Holy Habits in the Bible

  • Exploring the various Holy Habits and Beautiful Disciplines – Attendees choose from the following which ones they would like to explore in more detail:

#1 Biblical Teaching/Study

#2 Fellowship

#3 Breaking Bread

#4 Prayer

#5 Giving

#6 Service

#7 Eating Together

#8 Gladness and Generosity

#9 Worship

#10 Making More Disciples

#11 Meditation / Listening

#12 Fasting

#13 Simplicity / Less

#14 Solitude

#15 Submission

#16 Celebration

Briefing notes are given out at the end to ensure participants have knowledge of how to encourage children in the other habits or disciplines not covered during the course of the day.