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Core Skills in Family Ministry

Being a parent/carer is said to be one of the hardest jobs an adult will ever do. The reality is that being a parent/carer is a role that requires time, attention and a great deal of learning along the way. So how can the church help families today?

This interactive workshop has been crafted to develop the key skills needed for church-based family ministry, and is based on 'Core Skills for Family Ministry' published by the Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF) in partnership with Barnabas for Children and The Consultative Group on Ministry among Children (CGMC). It also incorporates the 'We Are Family' research completed by the Methodist church in 2016.


The current context of family life

  • What are your experiences, Key factors to working with families, Biblical families weren’t all ideal either

Biblical, historical and contemporary understanding of family

Family Ministry today

  • Incorporating the We Are Family research, Statistics on today’s families, The Five Parameters for the Nurture of Human Wholeness

Seasons of family life

  • Family developments, The stages of development in families, Supporting Families through Transitions, The Churches role, Significant Moments

Role of family relationships

  • ‘Functions’ of family vs Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

  • It takes a whole church to raise a child - Translations of the word family in the Bible

  • Relationships that Last (Introducing Sticky Faith and Biblical Thoughts on mish-paw-khaw)

Family wellbeing and wholeness

  • Priorities for a good childhood (The Good Childhood Report)

  • The 5 Ways to Family Well-Being for Children and Young People, Money. Money. Money, My Choice/Autonomy for Children

Faith in families

  • Growing Faith at Home, Useful Resources: (Introducing Faith at Home a monthly resource featured in Premiers Youth and Children’s Work Magazine, YCW and Other Resources

Closing Devotional

This course is also available as a two session webinar.