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Building Sustainable Youth Ministry

Exploring and starting the process of how you can help your church build a sustainable youth and children’s ministries, looking at a new way of doing youth ministry, exploring a systematic approach, challenging church culture. Based on the books Inside the Mind of Youth Pastors by Mark Riddle and Sustainable Youth Ministry by Mark Devries.

This workshop aims to equip all those churches, superintendents, minsters, management groups, and admin staff with the knowledge to enable them to build sustainable youth ministries with their Youth Worker or Children’s worker, Lay Worker, Missioner, Community worker, Young Adult worker (insert as appropriate). 

Ultimately this workshop is about helping church leaders build healthy, sustainable youth ministry whether you are in the process of thinking of employing a youth worker, or already have one in place.


Does your church really value Young people and Youth Ministry?

Common reasons behind hiring a worker

You Don’t NEED a Youth Worker… if it’s a STOPGAP/QUICK FIX solution

Church A & Church B: A Case Study – Exploring models of ministry

• Building a Sustainable Youth Ministry

o The Proverbs 14v4 Challenge

o Taking a Systematic Approach to building sustainability

o The Structures needed for Sustainability

o How to develop Control Documents to prepare for sustainability

o How to Create Visioning Documents

o The Growing Young Research – A Fuller Youth Institute Resource

o Re-visioning: When it’s Time for Change

o Changing Church Culture

o Controlling the Church Climate

o How to Build a Healthy Church Climate

• Good Reasons to Hire a Youth Worker

• A Passion for Youth Ministry in required

• How to promote the longevity of the Youth Worker

• Building Sustainable Youth Ministry: It’s a long journey