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Watching and Waiting
2021 Advent Course

Four-week Advent Course suitable for small groups meetings and Bible Studies.

The season of Advent represents a period of watching and waiting in anticipation of the arrival of Christ. During Advent we look back and celebrate the incarnation of the Son of God in the world; whilst also looking forward to HIS return at the end of time.  


We are delighted to be reproducing* the 'Watching and Waiting' Advent course, revised with a new introduction.


The course is a component of 'Woven', the District's theme for 2019-2021. The course is specifically designed to be used in small groups and by individuals; and encourages us to engage in mission and discipleship as a way of life. 

Please use the order form below to request your copy. Or download a PDF of the booket below



*For clarity, please be advised that the 2021 edition of 'Watching and Waiting' is the same as the 2020 edition, save a revised introduction. 

Watching and Waiting - Advent Course Booklet

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