Tune In Session Guides

These ‘Tune In’ session guides are designed to be used within your own pattern of meetings with children’s and/or youth groups. So, you will not need to organise and attend an additional meeting, just use this hours’ worth of material, when you usually meet with your children’s and/or youth groups. 

I am producing six standalone session plans in total, with the first one being available to download from the beginning of March. With the second one coming out the beginning of April and so on for May and June. July’s session will be linked to the London District Theme of Woven: God’s Story, Your Story, Every Story. Plus, an additional session plan entitled ‘On the Margins’ where the young people explore what it means to be ‘on the margins’ of church and society, who is on the margins and what is God calling you to do about it? The idea being that each month you will run the ‘Tune In’ session with your children’s or Youth group (or both) at a time suitable for you (they are crafted so they can be run online or face2face). If you would like me to facilitate one of the online ‘Tune Ins’ you are planning on running, then please do let me know and I’d be happy to attend. 

They are created in such a way that you hear the voice of the children and young people. You then make a note of what the children and young people said during the session.  These ‘voices’ are then e-mailed to me Brian Smith. They are then forwarded to the 3Generate Planning team for use at the 3Generate 2021 Youth Assembly. 

These guides are based on the material available in the Toolbox section on the 3Generate 365 website and can be found here

Session Two: Being the Body of Christ (.pdf)

Session One: Hearing God's Call / Calling and Vocation (.pdf)

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