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Trey Hall (part two)

Saturday 23 October 2021

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Part Two: Trey Hall calls his life ‘a haphazard journey of trying to serve God’, and since it began growing up in Memphis Tennessee, and has led, via being part of setting up ‘radically inclusive’ churches in Chicago, and Birmingham (UK), to his current job as Director of Evangelism and Growth for the Methodist Church in Britain, you can see what he means!

His energy and enthusiasm for what he calls ‘all the good stuff’ - like church planting and growth, community engagement and discipleship - is absolutely infectious, and he has some great advice and encouragement for those of us who really want to be a properly welcoming, arms open, church but feel like we come up against all kinds of blocks.

But his haphazard story also includes being convinced he was going to be a doctor and realising with a jolt, mid-lecture, that medicine wasn’t going to be his path, finding the confidence to acknowledge his sexuality, transatlantic dating with and now marriage to his husband Jonathan, and struggles with alcohol along the way.

So he’s great to chat to, and great to listen to - with so much ‘good stuff’ to say that this is a 2-parter for Travellers’ Tales!

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